Milo Ventimiglia begged NASA to keep the Cassini spacecraft alive, and we *truly* get it

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As if he doesn’t pull enough heartstrings while portraying Jack Pearson on This is UsMilo Ventimiglia begged NASA to keep the Cassini spacecraft alive, and we’re kind of fangirling over this display of compassion. *sighs and swoons*

Honestly, we can’t be the only ones who find it totally Jack of Ventimiglia to log onto social media and enter a plea on behalf of the beloved, Saturn-orbiting Cassini. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’ve seen all the gorgeous photos of Saturn’s rings snapped by Cassini and completely fallen in love with its spectacular space #views.

If not, take a moment away from your earthbound distractions and get into all the breathtaking photos and footage of the ringed planet NASA has released recently so that you can fully understand why Ventimiglia felt the need to go public with this request.

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Despite the Cassini mission being extended twice since its inception, Ventimiglia (along with every other space enthusiast on the planet) isn’t quite ready for its 20-year mission to come to an end. On Monday, the “Gilmore Girls” actor tweeted his request to NASA, throwing in a few praying hands emojis for good measure.

“Hey @NASA #Cassini is onto something,” he wrote. “Can we keep him alive please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼#SaveCassini. MV.”

Unfortunately, the agency has to make the hard call, which in this case means putting the welfare of Saturn’s moons over our space feels.

“We’re almost out of fuel–and we need to protect Enceladus and Titan,” NASA tweeted in response. “Stay with us; we have a lot of science to come!”

Womp. We probably would’ve responded by throwing a galaxy-sized hissy fit, but Ventimiglia was far more graceful, writing, “I get it. A bit sad to see the mission end but happy for the science and photos that’ve come out of #cassini 🙂 MV.”

We speak for all space geeks when we say, we appreciate you, Milo, from the bottom of our Saturn-loving hearts.


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