Karen Belz
Updated August 04, 2017

Even those who haven’t been watching This Is Us probably know by now that Milo Ventimiglia’s character Jack is an incredible partner. While he’s had a few ups and downs with his wife Rebecca (played by the lovely Mandy Moore) Jack’s portrayal in season one included a lot of romantic moments and gestures. Plus, the fact that he’s played by Ventimiglia, who many of us swooned over due to Gilmore Girls, doesn’t hurt.

However, Ventimiglia opened up about how his character has actually made romance a bit more difficult. Why? Because, well, he’s a character.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ventimiglia discussed how his popular character “totally hurts” his real life.

It must hurt if Ventimiglia has to not only prove that he’s not Jack, but stand up for a countless amount of relationships. We don’t envy him for that.

Speaking of the show, the end of season one (which hopefully you’ve seen by now — if not, prepare for a spoiler) showed Jack and Rebecca deciding to take some time apart. He agrees with Moore in wanting a few lighter scenes for season two.

No matter what scene they’re in together, we’re ready for it. This Is Us is expected to return this September.