Karen Belz
Updated Feb 22, 2017 @ 3:13 pm

When he showed up last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, nobody expected him to appear with an arm sling. But sadly, sometimes acting can be a dangerous job. Milo Ventimiglia explained his prominent arm cast, and we’re glad it was brought up, since we had more than a few questions. Did he break something? Did he get into another fight with Dean at Kyle’s house? We hope not.

Ventimiglia was there to promote the last few episodes of This Is Us, where he plays notable father Jack Pearson. Since his right arm was front and center, he definitely addressed it before addressing the forthcoming emotional episodes of his hit drama.

Of course, Fallon helps him think up a few stories to make his story sound slightly more badass.

The real story? Ventimiglia had to have surgery on his arm due to a few torn tendons. Ouch.

What we prefer is his original account. Simply put, he got into a knife fight. “With a surgeon,” Ventimiglia made sure to add.

Fallon, who is pretty much the king of improv, decided to spice up the story a bit. In his mind, Ventimiglia is a secret gambler who only plays slot machines. But, it goes beyond a casino. Instead, fictional Ventimiglia actually owns his own slot machine for some reason.

Ventimiglia made sure to joke that this could all be set up as a plot for the second season of This Is Us. Hey, we’re sure that the cast and crew would make that scenario pretty believable!

No matter what, he’s definitely making the most of the situation. Ventimiglia referred to the cast and sling as a “catch-all,” meaning that he’s using it to store his phone, wallet and other accessories. Move over, pockets!

Credit: NBC

We hope Milo Ventimiglia recovers quickly — and also hope he doesn’t take up gambling in the meantime.