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So, we can probably all agree that Milo Ventimiglia is pretty swoon-worthy. So we bet you’re dying to know who he’s had crushes on in the past (yes, we are middle schoolers at heart, forever and always)!

Well, you’re in luck. Entertainment Weekly has informed us that Ventimiglia once had a crush on someone whom he later worked with in a movie.

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Here’s how it all went down. During an interview with EW, three members of the cast of NBC’s This is UsVentimiglia, Sterling Brown (aka Chris Darden in The People vs. O.J. Simpson) and Mandy Moore —were challenged to reveal who they had a TV crush on when they were growing up (it was an ice breaker activity of sorts).

Ventimiglia agreed with Brown that Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years was a solid, crush-worthy choice, but then he added Alyssa Milano from her Who’s the Boss? days.

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FYI that movie was Pathology in 2008!

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We’re glad that Ventimiglia got to act alongside his childhood crush, because let’s face it — that rarely happens! You can watch the ice-breaker interview here (and note how cute Ventimiglia and Moore are! We’re so glad they’re playing a couple in This is Us).