Millie Bobby Brown
Credit: Lalo Yasky/Getty Images

Getting fit and working out is hard. But not for Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, who told GQ that she practices Muay Thai boxing every day. Her workout routines are fantastically aggressive, and just one more reason to be amazed by her.

Millie is known for her skills in front of the camera, but not too many people know that she packs an equally powerful punch off-screen. And we do mean punch — Millie Bobby Brown has a killer right hook. If you want to see her showing off her skills (or showing off those clear knee jeans that only Millie could pull off), look no further than her social media.

In an age when girls are not always encouraged not to be physical, Millie Bobby Brown is taking names.

We figure that Eleven would totally approve.

In the past, the Stranger Things star has given us a glimpse at what it would be like to face off against her in the ring. By and large, she’s amazing. Laser focused. Often times, totally in the zone.

Millie Bobby Brown’s trainer instructs her on form and technique during her workout routines.

Don’t let the pink colors fool you. Anyone who thinks they can mess with this teen needs to watch her videos ASAP and reconsider.

In addition to Millie, many other Hollywood celebrities are obsessed with incorporating kickboxing into their daily workout routine. Everyone from singers to models love to shape and tone while staying strong. Gigi Hadid also revealed that boxing is her go-to exercise. And her training was helpful during the altercation she had with a so-called “prankster” in Europe. Gigi had no problem elbowing the guy who ran and grabbed her from behind.

In an impressive showcase of her strength, Demi Lovato’s kicks even rattled her instructor!

While we hope that Millie Bobby Brown never has to use her superpowers because of danger, we are happy to know she’ll be able to handle herself just fine. Ladies, keep on kicking ass and inspiring all of us to be more physical.