Briana Hansen
Updated Nov 22, 2016 @ 2:14 pm
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Millie Bobby Brown is a force to be reckoned with both onscreen and off. The incredibly talented young actress blew us away as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things and has continued to wow us IRL ever since.

And hearing Millie Bobby Brown open up about Stranger Things in the online magazine Dazed makes us even more in awe of the young woman.

Oh, and she also looked stunning on the magazine’s cover because of course she did.

Despite the fact that her character is super complicated, the initial description she got of Eleven was surprisingly simple.

But when you’re as naturally gifted as Millie, that’s all the information you need to make a role iconic.

And, ICYMI, she happens to be friends with fellow young star Maddie Ziegler (the dancing prodigy from Sia’s music videos). Millie shared that Maddie actually gave her advice on how to handle her newfound fame.

Dancing with your bestie sounds like the most fun way to celebrate a major accomplishment – no matter what your age.

Despite the fact that she’s incredible at acting, she shared that her interest in it was almost accidental.

It’s crazy to think that something she’s legitimately amazing at was tried on a whim.

In the full interview, she talks about being inspired by and friends with Winona Ryder and her thoughts on who Eleven really is in the series.

Everything we learn about Millie Bobby Brown makes us seriously excited to see where this fascinating girl’s career may go.