Trilby Beresford
August 13, 2017 12:24 pm
Millie Bobby Brown /

No matter where you come from, it’s a universal truth that being a teenager is hard. There are just some things nobody tells you about being a teenager. Even famous Emmy-nominated teens find it tricky sometimes! On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert asked thirteen-year-old Millie Bobby Brown how it is being a teenager. She replied, “Not good.” Uh-oh. We’re all ears.

The host pressed Brown for information, and she revealed her dissatisfaction with the expectations of teenagers. This girl has a sense of humor, and that’s part of the reason why we love her. Take it away, Millie.

In the interview, Brown admitted that taking off her shoes at the airport is new. Apparently, it didn’t happen when she was twelve.

That led to a very amusing exchange. Colbert joked that when he was her age, he traveled by trains and stage coach. While there, Brown also humorously suggested that she co-host the Emmys with Colbert.

Oh, the life of a teen, right?!

But wait…Brown said there are also good things about becoming a teen!

Good things that involve parties.

In case you’re confused at the last part (like Colbert was), Brown clarified that mechanical bulls are called “bucking broncos” in England. Um, that sounds like a party we would like to attend! Invite us next time? Ok, cool.

Even though teen life has its ups and downs, we think Millie is doing just fine. Keep crushing it, lady!