Natalia Lusinski
August 19, 2017 11:08 am
Ray Tamarra / Getty Images

It’s no secret that we have a big crush on Millie Bobby Brown and Drew Barrymore. After all, it seems like there’s nothing these ladies can’t do. Now, Millie Bobby Brown and Drew Barrymore are forming their own #girlsquad, reported Teen Vogue. Of course, we want in. The #girlsquad was created, so to speak, while Barrymore interviewed Brown for the magazine. Like Brown, Barrymore was a child star, so it should come as no surprise that the two had plenty to talk about, from Brown’s love of modeling to their families’ parenting styles. For instance, Barrymore reveals she grew up in a single-parent home, and Brown said her family has family meetings about everything.

So how did the #girlsquad come up? Barrymore asked Brown if she’s “done any strange things recently” — LOL.

We imagine that Brown felt like this moment in E.T., when Barrymore’s character, Gertie, meets the lovable extra-terrestrial.

Okay, we have all the feels. One child star we love cheering on a current child star we love? We’ll take it! And who wouldn’t want Barrymore cheering them on, amirite?!

To end the interview, the ladies gushed about each other even more.

And we love Gertie and Eleven, too. Speaking of which, we’re going to go see how we can get in their new squad…