Kitty Lindsay
Updated January 07, 2018
Trae Patton / NBC

Miley Cyrus’s records may be platinum (several times over!), but her heart is definitely pure gold. It was recently revealed that Cyrus paid the rent of former Voice contestant Janice Freeman — six months of it, in fact. Aaaand now we’re crying.

Of course, Cyrus’s kind heart has taken center stage before. From honoring the victims of October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas to paying tribute to rock legend Tom Petty in a stunning cover of the late singer’s “Wildflowers,” Cyrus often uses her stellar singing talents to mend broken hearts the world over. But this time, the pop star’s generous spirit is grabbing the spotlight, and we’re so happy this heartwarming contribution will not go unsung.

It all started when Freeman, a mom and cancer survivor, competed on Season 13 of The Voice. Despite her talent, she was eliminated from the competition in Week 2 of the live shows. In an emotional exchange on live TV, Cyrus, who hand-picked the powerhouse vocalist for her team, said she saw an Instagram video in which Freeman said she would do anything for her. Cyrus said she’d do the same for Freeman, and hoped to prove that in the future.

And boy, did Miley keep her word.

Oh, our hearts!

Freeman told her fans during an Instagram live story how Cyrus helped her find an apartment for her and her family.

But this story’s not over yet.

Cyrus also footed the first six months of rent on the apartment — and the rental deposit — proving once again that her generosity knows no bounds.

Calling the pop star her “dawg” and “best friend,” Freeman kept on singing Cyrus’s praises, applauding the singer’s superior friendship skills and and promising to defend her until “the bitter end.”

Pass the tissues, please.