Miley Cyrus is sitting this whole Halloween thing out and here is why

Halloween is usually the time for celebrities — and the rest of us — to let loose and go all out. Famous people can put on masks and costumes to hide their identities, slipping into the normal world for a night. People like Heidi Klum revel in the ability to outdo their previous year’s creations, and social media gets flooded with photos of amazingly intricate and creative costumes. But this year, one famous woman stole Halloween from under everyone’s nose, and that woman is Miley Cyrus.

That’s right! The queen of outlandish outfits and the amazing dancing bears decided to steal the show by not going out at all this Halloween.

As someone who is constantly breaking expectations and surprising people, Miley outdid herself this year.

What could be more surprising than not going out? Since Miley rocks amazing costumes 364 other days of the year, maybe Halloween is her break from that? Her previous looks have been daring and fun. Prime example: her Little Kim costume.

Instead of going out, Miley decided to stay in, smoke some weed, and play with her dogs. It was other people’s turns to carry the Miley Cyrus torch this year. Paris Hilton paid tribute with this photo of a past Halloween costume.

But celebrities were not the only ones! People from all over took Halloween as an excuse to show their inner Miley some love. And those folks got really creative!

At the end of the day, Miley will keep on making headlines with her awesome brand of humor and her attitude. If you want to show her some love next Halloween, you can always get inspiration from her music videos.

While Miley Cyrus might be over the Halloween scene, she is not over being a good person and doing some good. Her nonprofit foundation Happy Hippie is still active and helping out. Their mission is to rally “young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.”