Credit: Instagram/Miley Cyrus

In typical Miley fashion, the star posted an ~artsy~ selfie to Instagram in celebration of the universe, and it was actually pretty darn moving. Excited about the last week’s new moon, Miley Cyrus opened up about the value of a fresh start and moving forward. TBH, we kinda love it.

“Celebrate the bad ass #newmoon today by letting go of all the old heavy shit holding ya downnnnn and SMILE ❤️”

Like, is this not actually totally incredible advice? Times are rough, as people are half-joking about, half-totally meaning, and it feels so good to step back and embrace the power of just shaking it all off and moving on with your life.

The new moon is a great chance to do it! Thanks to its regular orbit, it means we get another reminder just about every month to take Miley’s advice and let it all go for a bit (also do some badass yoga).

“do something that you love & thank the universe for giving that sacred thanggggg to uuuuuu!!!!!! 👽👽👽”

Also, she should remember to thank the universe for giving her this adorable dog, who we cannot get over:

Even if it doesn’t fix all of the worlds problems, it’s definitely a form of self-care to pause, do a little yoga in the yard, and breathe. So thanks, Miley, for a little ~wisdom~ to take us into a new week.