on September 16, 2016 in New York City.
Credit: Getty Images/James Devaney

It’s pretty impossible not to love love, even when it’s someone else’s love. After keeping a pretty low profile since their reconciliation, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth supported a friend’s art show over the weekend by showing up and taking a selfie in front of the artwork. And it’s so obviously how in love Miley and Liam are. Of course, their selfie was adorable and just SO them.

The art show took place at the contemporary art gallery Museum as Retail Space (MaRS). Cyrus and Hemsworth were there to support Cyrus’ friend and photographer Vijat Mohindra in his exhibition, “Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About to Happen.”

The couple took their selfie in front of a piece of art that matched Cyrus’ yellow outfit perfectly (which, we have a feeling, wasn’t by accident).

Cyrus rocked rocked a yellow dress, patent leather white knee-high boots and an adorable smiley face yellow clutch.

Even though most of the pictures were posted by her friends or fans, Cyrus posted her own photo of her crew dressed to match the art.

We love seeing the happy couple back together again, and it seems like they’re truly enjoying each other’s company. Dressing up in vibrant colors to match artwork is a sure sign that everyone’s having a great time.