Move over, Ashton. There’s a new professional prankster in town. We just heard that Miley Cyrus trolled Instagram with a photo of Obama. As in, our former president. She posted what seemed like an ultra-casual paparazzi pic of the two of them emerging from a juice bar or yoga class together, and captioned it like she would any other photo.

Next thing you know, the photo earned well over a million likes and thousands of comments from Instagram users either questioning the validity of the photo, or celebrating its mere existence.

Seriously guys — how chill does this look?

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the pic definitely isn’t real.

See that vertical watermark on the right next to Obama? It’s a dead give away. The photo was edited by Instagram user @aligutyedits, who often edits together this kind of seamless celebrity mashup. Cyrus got you for a second though, right?! That watermark is tiny, and hey, it looked pretty legit to us!

Dear Internet: you just got trolled by Miley Cyrus.

TBH we’re kinda sad that Cyrus and Obama aren’t actually besties, but maybe this will inspire a real life friendship? You never know. Here’s another from the vaults:

WAIT. This one might be the best. Seriously, we are bowing down RN.

And hey, some of them even involve Liam Hemsworth. We approve.

Wow. The things you find on the internet.

Happy Tuesday! Let this serve as a reminder to never take anything you find on the internet at face value…because, well, it’s the internet.