Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

Miley Cyrus has joined a whole host of fabulous celebrity ladies who are getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton. Lena Dunham, America Ferrera, and Amber Tamblyn have been vocal supporters for Hillary for a long time. Now, as the election gets closer and closer, it becomes more and more important to get people out to vote. Miley, who has most recently been judging new talent on NBC’s The Voice, has joined into the campaign with her special brand of Miley awesomeness.

Miley Cyrus will literally bend over backwards (or is that forwards) for Hillary Clinton, and she wants you to vote for her, too!

With her typical Miley sass, she tells the world just what they can do if they’re not voting for HRC. We know it’s silly, but we appreciate Miley’s loud and absurd statement, because we hope it gets voters’ attention. This election is very important, and we can’t have anyone forgetting to vote. Also, we would like to throw our 100% support behind Miley’s dream in her hashtag — to do yoga with Hillary Clinton. We would so love to see that!

We doubt there will be a more convincing reason to vote!

Get out and vote, y’all!