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Miley Cyrus wasn’t exactly partying across the USA for Halloween, and she got real on Instagram about her low-key weekend. Instead of doing couple costumes with beau Liam Hemsworth — and flashing that gorgeous engagement ring she’s been wearing again lately — the singer stayed home chilling in bed with her pets.

“PARTY QUEEN! 🎉🎉🎉 Happy Nap-oween weeeeekend!!!! If you are gettin turnt tonight promise you’ll get really REALLY drunk for me but do NOT drive!!!!! 👸🏼 this is the one day it’s ok to not be yourself!!!! 😉 HAVE FUN,” the 23-year-old wrote under a selfie of herself under blankets.

No shame in her napping game.

Miley’s been a busy bee, so a Halloween weekend under the radar makes sense.

She campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Mason University in Virginia last week and then endorsed the former Secretary of State during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In case you didn’t believe Miley’s claim that she was bonding with her pets instead of taking “we can’t stop, we won’t stop” to a new level, she posted another selfie of herself with one of her adorable pups.

Choosing to stay in for pet cuddles instead of partying all night? Miley has never been more relatable than in this moment.

We love you, Miley.