Credit: TBS

When Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher got together, these That 70’s Show alumni were pretty secretive over their relationship. Which is surprising for Kutcher, but not so much for Kunis — after all, most of us had no idea that she previously dated Macaulay Culkin for years. This is why it’s so fascinating when small, personal tidbits about their relationship surface. The news that was revealed on Conan the other night was especially refreshing.

It turns out that while Kunis and Kutcher were looking for their wedding bands, they were a little turned off by the crazy cost. Kunis was just looking for a very thin platinum band, and thought the prices were astronomical.

“I decided to just get them off of Etsy,” she said to Conan O’Brien, noting that she found the perfect ring for just $90.

And, what a gorgeous ring it is. Practical, yet absolutely stunning — and at such a great price, of course.

After O’Brien joked that Kunis was frugal, she had a comeback of, “That’s a nice way of saying cheap, but yes.”

It turns out that Kutcher’s ring was slightly more expensive, at $100. That means, in total, these two stars spent less than $200 on two fantastic rings, and managed to support creative sellers worldwide in the process. Pretty impressive, all in all.

Who knows? If you’re talented at making jewelry, maybe one day you’ll end up selling such an important, meaningful piece to a big-name celebrity without even knowing it.