Michelle Obama
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

There are certain to be many changes with the incoming administration. But one thing we don’t have to worry about is Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable garden. The First Lady’s garden was planted in March 2009 on the South Lawn. She hadn’t yet launched her campaign to improve nutrition in schools. Therefore, it’s easy to see the garden as a precursor to her future endeavors. As you might know, the produce from the garden is used in the White House kitchen. (A portion goes to food banks, too.)

We’re heartbroken to see our fav FLOTUS of all time leave, but we love that her garden will remain as her legacy.

She has secured $2.5 million in private funding to make sure the garden is maintained.

There are so many questions about the damage the incoming administration might cause to people’s lives. In the face of the election results, it’s nice to know that something that both encourages healthy living and gives back to the community is going to be preserved.

The garden will live on, whether or not the subsequent residents of the White House share FLOTUS’ priorities.

Furthermore, earlier this fall, the First Lady made several updates to the garden to ensure that it would live on for quite a while. These updates included concrete, stone, and steel additions, as well as care from the National Park Service and the aforementioned private funding.

We couldn’t love this idea any more! Thanks, (Michelle) Obama.