Meaghan Kirby
Updated Oct 31, 2016 @ 11:27 am
val kilmer michael douglas

Michael Douglas shocked everyone in 2013, when he announced that he was battling stage four oral cancer. Now he’s announced that his former costar Val Kilmer is also battling cancer. During a Q&A in London, Michael Douglas told Jonathan Ross that Kilmer is fighting throat cancer.

Douglas, who starred with Kilmer in the 1996’s film, The Ghost and the Darkness, told Ross that the outlook wasn’t too good for his former costar.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Douglas added,

While Kilmer hasn’t confirmed his diagnosis, this isn’t the first time his health has been in question. In late 2015, reports spread that the Top Gun actor was ill after he was seen with what looked like a tracheostomy tube around his neck. He later began covering up his neck with bandanas and scarves.

In a Facebook post last year, Kilmer denied claims of illness, stating,

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Additionally, he told Facebook fans,

Our thoughts are with the Batman Forever actor!