We’ve been keeping Michael Bublé’s family in our thoughts since they announced their son Noah was diagnosed with cancer last November, but now we’re thrilled that Bublé’s wife has shared a sweet photo of Noah on Instagram — one of the few photos the family has shared of him since his diagnosis.

The photo features mom Luisana Lopilato with her two sons, Noah and Elias, hanging on the couch together.

The family revealed in February that three-year-old Noah was doing better, and that his cancer treatment was “progressing well,” thanking fans who have showed support during Noah’s battle with cancer. Bublé was taking time away from the public eye to be with his family, which we more than understand.

In her native Spanish, Lopilato captioned the photo: “El tiempo se detiene… no hay nada como los mimos de mama!!” — in English, it roughly translates to, “Time stops…there’s nothing like a mother’s love!”

The family lives in Argentina and have been receiving treatment for Noah both there and in the United States, with Lopilato reportedly telling fans at a press conference in Buenos Aires in April:

Bublé made his first public appearance since Noah’s diagnosis late last month, appearing in his native Canada to accept the National Arts Centre Award.

We are so happy to hear that Noah is on the mend, and we continue to send all our well wishes and positive thoughts to the family during this time.