Alyssa Thorne
September 22, 2016 12:53 pm
Henry Ray Abrams, Stringer/ Getty Images

Mia Farrow’s son, Thaddeus Farrow, tragically passed away yesterday in Danbury, Connecticut. Thaddeus was adopted by Mia Farrow from India in 1994, where he was chained to a post in a Calcutta orphanage, and often pelted with rocks by the other children to get a reaction. Once a member of the Farrow family, he learned to speak, overcame polio, and had been working as an auto mechanic. We’re amazed at the strength of character it must’ve taken for Thaddeus Farrow to adjust to a whole new life, and saddened by his loss.

Evan Agostini/ Getty Images

While it was first reported that Thaddeus Farrow passed away due to a car accident, it has since been released that his cause of death was actually a gunshot wound to the head. As they do not believe there to be a criminal aspect to the case, it seems that Thaddeus Farrow committed suicide.

Henry Ray Abrams, Stringer/ Getty Images

Our hearts go out to Mia Farrow and her family, especially as Thaddeus is the third of Farrow’s fourteen children to pass away too young. We can’t imagine the heartbreak the family is feeling, or the pain Thaddeus Farrow must have experienced to take his own life.

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, please reach out to a friend, family member, or other loved one for help. You can also text “Go” to 741741 to speak to a trained crisis counselor. Remember, you are NOT alone.