Karen Belz
February 06, 2017 8:57 am
Kia Motors America / www.youtube.com

Did you catch Saturday Night Live this weekend? If so, you were probably laughing out loud at the Sean Spicer sketch. That’s why we were delighted to see Melissa McCarthy’s funny Super Bowl ad for Kia. We mean, we’ve always loved McCarthy, but both of these little appearances that she made were totally unlike anything she’s done before.

If you were to ask us to name the celebrity with most range, McCarthy would definitely be near the top of our list. For the first time in awhile, she’s taken on brief roles that really showcased everything she’s made of, as a comedian and a performer.

Her Sean Spicer impression was flawless, and her Kia ad — which appeared in the midst of the big game last night — made us giggle.

In the ad, Melissa McCarthy tries her hardest to be as philanthropic as possible. Unfortunately (yet understandably) she can’t handle it all.

As you saw, McCarthy tried her hardest to save the whales, save the trees, and save the ice caps. McCarthy, enthusiastic as ever, managed to get into sticky situations with each pursuit. Especially when that pursuit has, uh — sharp horns.

The commercial highlighted how the Kia Niro could help you save the environment in a more convenient way. We’re all looking to be a bit more eco-friendly, right?

Kia couldn’t have found a better fit. We definitely believe that McCarthy would truly try to help these organizations in her free time. (That is, if she even has free time these days!)

If McCarthy can keep giving us reasons to laugh throughout 2017, we’d definitely appreciate it!