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The Spice Girls were all about Girl Power and lifting other girls and women up. So it comes as a shock that Mel C said she was bullied by the Spice Girls. Yet the reason Melanie C (what she goes by today) revealed that information to Attitude magazine was not to gossip about her fellow Spice Girls. Instead, she’s using this story to spread awareness about bullying and how that time in her life influenced her new song, “Version of Me.”

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When asked, Melanie confirmed that this bullying happened when she was better known as Sporty Spice in the Spice Girls. “Yes. I’m not going to name names. But yes,” she said.

Even though it’s disappointing to find out Mel C was bullied by a Spice Girl (or Girls), she did receive an apology. So rather than focus on the identity of who bullied her or what exactly happened, Melanie used this platform to explain how she wished she had been a stronger person when she was younger and being bullied.

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Plus, this experience in Mel C’s life is something that she hopes can help others. She explained how people who also have been bullied — or are being bullied — might be able to relate to “Version of Me.”

Lyrics like “This is not your playground / I’m not here for you to shoot me down” and “I won’t be the version of me / The one you think you’re comfortable with” will surely resonate with and maybe inspire people who have been bullied.

And while it’s depressing for fans to think about Sporty being bullied among the Spice Girls, she is able to look back on their massive success from 20 years ago and realize they were living in some pretty extraordinary circumstances at the height of their fame.

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As Mel C has seemed to accept what happened between her and her bandmate(s), so must Spice Girls fans. And based on her comments — and the fact that the Spice Girls reunited for a tour in 2007 and again for the 2012 Olympics in London — Melanie C doesn’t appear to hold any grudges against the Spice Girls.

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In August 2016, Mel C wrote in Love magazine about why she wouldn’t be reuniting with the Spice Girls for a reunion tour. (Victoria Beckham had already declined.) She ended her beautifully-written essay with an honest statement of what the Spice Girls’ friendship is like:

See? Girl Power still exists despite the things that happened in the past.