Credit: Walter McBride / WireImage / Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, former Spice Girl Mel B. recently hit the Broadway scene. The multi-talented icon just wrapped up Chicago the Musical this past Sunday, and definitely ended her run with quite a splash.

The performer formerly known as Scary Spice played the role of Roxie Hart, and — as you’d expect — had to do a lot of singing throughout each show. While that’s a skill that comes naturally to her, she decided to pay tribute to her roots a bit by spontaneously singing a Spice Girls song.

And, not just any Spice Girls song — Mel B. broke out into “Wannabe,” the hit that introduced us to the Spice Girls in the first place.

Thankfully, there’s video of the performance.

The bad part? Well, she managed to stop right after “from A to Z.” It’s obvious that the audience really, really wanted her to continue — but like the professional she is, Mel B. quickly jumped back into character.

It’s such a great moment since it really showed her lighthearted side. This is proof that she was never all that “scary” to begin with!

Based on this video, which she also shared through Instagram, we’re really hoping that this isn’t her final brush with Broadway.

It looks like she had an incredible time, so it’s definitely likely that she’ll resurface on the New York City stage. Mel B. seemed incredibly touched by all of the support she received from both her own fans, and fans of Chicago.

So, does all of this mean that she’s finally free to work on that rumored Spice Girls reunion? We definitely hope so.