Jill Layton
Updated Jul 17, 2016 @ 7:59 am
Credit: mckaylamaroney/Instagram

Four years ago, gymnast McKayla Maroney competed in the 2012 Olympics and won a team gold medal and a silver medal on vault (which she was famously unimpressed about). She spent almost two decades dedicating eight hours every day to perfecting her sport, but now the 20-year-old California native is focusing her time and efforts on something a little less athletic.

For starters, she’s working on a music career.“For the last year, I was just figuring out my sound,” Maroney told Seventeen. “In the next couple of months, I think I’ll have a single out, and I’m excited for people to hop on this new journey of mine.”

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She’s also caught the acting bug and played roles in Hart of Dixie, Superstore and Bones. And it turns out her training as a gymnast at the Olympics has helped make her relax about being in the spotlight as an actress.

“Gymnastics, you get one shot; acting, it’s like, do it again, do it again, do it again,” she said. “So that was the one thing that I found very different. You’re allowed to get different tries and you’re more expressive in a way when you’re working with people. In gymnastics, you’re so on your own and individual.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Even though gymnastics was such a huge part of her life, Maroney is excited to have found something else she’s passionate about. She explains, “I’d go to Starbucks and people would be like, ‘Are you going to the next Olympics?‘ And when I’d say no, they’d literally look sad. So it was very hard for me to get excited about anything else. I thought that I had to do gymnastics forever. To be excited about this new piece of myself and this new part of my life is very special for me.”

She also faces tons of scrutiny about her appearance, but shut down her critics in a simple yet hilarious Instagram post.

Her captions reads, “me thinking about how to get my face to look like i’ve never done anything to my face when i’ve never done anything to my face.” Humor like that shows a hilarious and confident woman who we can’t wait to see lots more of. Whatever her next adventure brings, we’re sure she’ll totally nail it.

Credit: giphy.com