Credit: Good Mythical Morning/YouTube

Star of The Big Bang Theory and all-around brilliant human being Mayim Bialik was on Good Mythical Morning, hosted by YouTube stars Rhett and Link. And when it came time to play “What’s On My Head?”, Mayim was reunited with her hat from Blossom — yes, we said Blossom. Do you remember that fashion-forward 90s teen named Blossom? Well Mayim was reunited with her hat and it was amazing!

You may know Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, but way back in the 90s she played Blossom, a fashion icon and teenage girl living with her dad and brothers. The show was brilliant and Mayim’s character became known for her floppy hat. So when Mayim joined the hosts of Good Mythical Morning, they took the opportunity to play the game “What’s On My Head?” and give Mayim a surprise reunion with an old friend.

How do you play? Well, the constant sits in a chair and an unknown object is placed on their head. Then they try to guess what the object is by asking the other players yes or no questions. A hat that looked like her Blossom hat was placed on her head and she began asking questions to figure out what it was. And because she’s basically a genius, she was able to narrow it down pretty quickly.

And just look at how she pretty much looks exactly the same!

Credit: Good Mythical Morning/YouTube

You can watch the whole show here and cheer on Mayim.

It’s pretty cool that Mayim has been able to sustain a career for several decades and still be so well-known for a character she began playing 25 years ago! Want to see more Mayim? Of course you do! Check out her YouTube channel and go re-watch some episodes of Blossom obviously.