Well, at least we can still relive the show through syndication. Matthew Perry actually has nightmares about a Friends revival, which is yet another sign that a reboot will never happen. But, while it sounds grim, Perry’s fears come from a pretty good place.

In an interview with Variety, Perry admitted that he’s scared that new episodes would somewhat wreck the magic that was created earlier.

Well, it makes sense. Except, Perry is wrong about one thing — fans would totally care.

But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can’t think of one weak season (or even episode!) that Friends had. While we were sorry to see the monumental show end in 2004, we accepted the fact that at the very least, things ended on a really solid note.

Perry has had these views for awhile. In a 2013 interview with Good Morning America, he was asked about a possible movie that would reunite the cast.

So, we guess we just need to keep the faith that Chandler and Monica are still living happily ever after (with a pop-in visit from their friends every once in awhile.)