Brittany Malooly
July 11, 2016 12:44 pm
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You probably already know Matt McGorry, who is best known for his role as Daya (Dascha Polanco)’s love interest on Orange is the New Black and for being a woke feminist bae. He’s called out Piers Morgan for sexist comments about Beyoncé, has publicly condemned the continuing existence of a wage gap between men and women, and even designed a feminist t-shirt.

Well, our favorite OITNB male feminist is back at it again. He recently called out a radio show for an incredibly dumb, sexist segment, and we love it.

Here’s the deal. There’s this radio show based at 98.7 FM in L.A. called The Woody Show, and they have this recurring segment called “Fat Chick or Skinny Chick.” The radio show hosts try to guess if a woman caller is fat or skinny based on her answers to questions about her sex life and whether or not she enjoys baking, etc. Matt McGorry was NOT down for this.

Here’s what he said on Twitter:

Then, instead of addressing McGorry’s criticisms, The Woody Show bizarrely just attacked McGorry’s claim that he was actually listening to their radio show — The Woody Show airs in the morning, but McGorry was tweeting in the evening.

McGorry, luckily, actually had a video of him listening to the show to prove it:

The Woody Show has since deleted all of their tweets, but McGorry screen grabbed them for our reference:

The following morning, The Woody Show tweeted:

And, again, McGorry brilliantly shut them down, pointing out that just because they support the victims of the Orlando shootings, for example, doesn’t mean they aren’t also sexist jerks.


They haven’t responded to any of his other tweets, but we’re hoping The Woody Show gets rid of this supremely stupid part of their radio show. We’re all for having fun and joking around, but this blatantly sexist nonsense is not okay. It reminds us of some 1960s, Mad Men ideology.

Never change, Matt.