Emily Baines
September 04, 2016 8:05 am
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

So, here’s a fun fact you didn’t know: Mary-Kate Olsen isn’t just a famous actress and fashion guru, she also competitively shows horses, and we have the video to prove it:

On Tuesday, equestrian Mary-Kate competed in the annual Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, which she has, according to New York magazine, participated in since 2013.

How did we not know this? At the Hamptons, Mary-Kate showed four horses, hilariously named Prem’ Dollar Boy, Feu d’Amour, Hertog Van’t Merdehof, and Virginia. All those names are pretty spectacular, we must say.

Now if only Mary-Kate would star in a movie where she rides horses, we’d be pumped. Worlds merging!