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It’s a little-known fact, but once upon a time 15 years ago, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had a lifestyle magazine. The publication, aptly titled Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine, provided “real talk for real girls,” and was actually pretty amazing — giving fashion inspo, life advice, and celeb interviews galore. Unfortunately, it was short-lived and only survived for three issues.

In its premiere issue, Mary-Kate and Ashley wrote a feature that asked “When will we get our first female president, and who might it be?” Their answer? Hillary Clinton, who had just finished her run as First Lady and was beginning her first term in the U.S. Senate.

Yep — the Olsen twins predicted Hillary Clinton would be our first female president when they were just 14 years old.

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According to Refinery29, “The article offered a rundown of the 10 best contenders to be the first to carry the title of ‘Madam President.’ Accompanying Clinton in the roundup were Elizabeth Dole, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, and more — a who’s who of powerful women at the turn of the millennium.”

Cheryl Higley, who wrote the original article, told Refinery29 exactly why she chose Hillary, saying, “For me, she had a more complete resume and a more visual national profile than most of the others. She had already established herself as an attorney, an advocate for families and children, had been a sitting first lady of a two-term popular president (for the most part), and had just won a seat in the Senate. It was clear she might have what it takes to chart a path to the presidency.”

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The Olsens themselves declined to comment on the story, but we still think it’s so cool that they predicted our first Madam President all the way back in 2001. And in just a few short weeks, we’ll get to see if their predictions will finally come true.