French film director Guillame Canet stan
Credit: ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

In the gossip circus that has been Angelina Jolie splitting up with Brad Pitt, a couple of unsettling rumors have emerged. There’s the speculation that Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston had been gloating about the break-up (Which we very seriously doubt, you guys, Pitt and Aniston broke up 12 years ago and Aniston has since lived a super-cool life and remarried brilliant and handsome Leftovers star Justin Theroux, we’re 100% sure Aniston is very focused on her awesome life and not celebrating her ex’s misfortunes.)

Then there have been the rumors that the reason Brangelina split is because of Marion Cotillard, Pitt’s co-star in the upcoming WWII drama Allies. Specifically, the rumor mill is churning out the 100% unsubstantiated theory that Brad and Marion had an affair on set, and this is what broke up Hollywood’s number one power couple.

Cotillard herself already shut down this nonsense in an Instagram she posted this week, explaining that

The “man of my life” whom Cotillard is referring to, her partner, French actor and film director Guillame Canet, posted an Instagram of his own on Friday, in which he also steps up to shut down the rumors.

We’re so glad Canet stepped up to defend his wonderful partner, and we sincerely hope that these nasty and unfounded rumors skedaddle stat. Divorce, no matter who it’s between, is never fun, and dragging totally un-involved people into the mix is even worse. Let’s hope this is the last word on the matter and that Cotillard and Canet can go back to their quite lovely relationship.