Scarlet Meyer
August 27, 2016 10:05 am

We have just learned something amazing and we need to share it with you immediately.

Saved By the Bell star Mario Lopez’s French Bulldog pups are the cutest dogs on the Internet. For real.

Their names are Julio César Chavez Lopez and Juanita Manuela Marquez Lopez. And yes, they have first, middle, and last names, like they’re dog royalty or something (because they obviously are). The pampered pooches have their own hashtags, #JulioCesarChavezLopez and #JaunitaManuelaMarquezLopez in case you wanted to search them (which we did immediately).

Juanita competes in dog shows because of course she does.

And here is Julio César Chavez the pup with the real Julio César Chavez (and Julio César Chavez Jr. in the background).

The Extra host has an extensive social media presence in general, frequently posting pictures of his kids and his every day life, but Julio and Juanita are definitely heavily featured. Lopez even sometimes talks about them (and brings them) on air! That is some serious dog –parent love! Check out some of the extreme cuteness below, and follow Mario Lopez on Instagram for more dog adorableness.