Mariah Carey has always had an army of devoted fans. But as her Instagram shows, Mariah’s real #squad is her twins.

Ever since she blasted onto the music scene way back in 1990, Mariah has had a fanbase like no other. Go to any concert, and you’ll be positively overwhelmed by the numbers and the love. However, it’s only in the past six years that her familial #squad has doubled.

Yes, we are referring to the singer/performer’s delightful twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

At six years old, these twins have traveled to places near and far. That’s because they seemingly go wherever their powerhouse mom goes. On her recent journey to New York City, Mariah Carey posted the most adorable photo of her and her twins on the Instagram. It’s sassy, sweet and something you definitely need to see.

Mariah journeyed to Madison Square Garden ahead of her concert with music legend Lionel Richie. Of course, what’s a gal to do backstage except strike a pose? Her twins stood on top of large black containers nearby and struck their own poses. We think they’re getting pretty good at it!

Mariah has even brought her kids on stage! Wow, that’s a fierce pose. We’re guessing she doesn’t have a problem with shyness.

In an interview with Steve Harvey, the singer revealed how motherhood has shifted her focus and how far she’s come from where she started. She said:

We can’t wait to see where the journey takes the three of them!