Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 10, 2017 5:40 am
Noam Galai / FilmMagic

Following the debacle surrounding her New Year’s Eve performance, Mariah Carey announced a break from the spotlight. While on one hand, we’re obviously shocked to see one of the biggest divas of our time express a desire to escape the fame, we also completely get why Mariah Carey is taking a break from social media. Like, honestly, who doesn’t need to take a breather from constantly hearing what people think of them? It’s not the healthiest thing ever.

ICYMI, Mariah Carey had a rough performance on New Year’s Eve. Though Mariah’s manager spoke about the awkward happening, she herself has remained silent until now.

According to a clip posted to Twitter, Mariah Carey is taking a break from social media, and here’s why.

The star said,

Like, whoa. We definitely didn’t see that coming.

As far as why Mariah Carey is taking a break from social media, much of her decision stems from what happened on New Year’s Eve.

She explained,

She continued,

Still, the video had mixed reactions from fans, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts with the iconic figure. For the most part, though, they expressed love and support.

And we too send love and support. Mariah, we hope you take great care of yourself! We’re proud of you for doing what you need to do.