Picture of Mariah Carey Red Carpet
Credit: Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Mariah Carey and the holiday season are practically synonymous at this point. So we’re glad there’s a little Carey-themed news floating in the air. But this story doesn’t concern her Christmas classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Instead, it concerns chairs. Or maybe, the lack thereof.

While performing at the World AIDS Day Concert on Thursday, November 30th, the singer took some time to sign a few autographs. To do so, Carey sat on a small stool so she’d be level with her fans. OR DID SHE? Let’s examine the video evidence captured by a fan at the concert.

In the video, her back and thighs form a perfect right angle. It is similar to, well, if she was seated on a wooden or metal stool. When you see her, your brain automatically assumes that she’s sitting down on something. But then, things get crazy. When the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer finishes signing autographs, she stands up to reveal that there is, in fact, no stool. She had been holding that perfect position the entire time. Someone has been working out and practicing their wall sits and squats!

Of course, Twitter has theories about how this move was even possible. Some Twitter users speculated that it has something to do with the physics of her heels and the tight dress forming a resistance band-type effect. Others posit that it’s simply her Christmas magic. Either way, well done, Mariah. You are a perfect star as always.

What do you think?

Is there a hidden chair?


Or perhaps an invisible one?

Here’s the “heel sit” theory for your consideration.


Does Mariah Carey have special powers at Christmastime?


Maybe she’s just really good at math.


2017 has been a good year for memes of Carey acting, well, a little strangely on stage. Let’s not forget that she kicked off the New Year with a less than perfect televised performance in Times Square. Then, in July, she was gently made fun of for her dance moves during a performance. During the show, she appeared to not be showing maximum effort. false

You do you, Mariah. We love you and your hit holiday song no matter if you’re dancing 100% or sitting in an invisible chair.