Angelica Florio
February 20, 2017 12:57 pm

Plot twist that no one ever expected: Mariah Carey and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka are officially dating! Just kidding! Anyone who glanced their eyes upon E!‘s Mariah’s World definitely knew this would happen. (And anyone who didn’t watch that glorious 8-episode series must do so now, don’t even finish this article especially because *spoiler alerts ahead*!)

So Mariah’s World ended with a full-blown make-out sesh on a Hawaiian beach shared by Carey and Tanaka, the latter proclaiming in a testimonial,

Therefore, people weren’t too surprised when Mimi posted this Instagram on Valentine’s Day:

And if things weren’t clear enough, Mariah then used the B-word in an interview with the Associated Press. Carey stated,

Any doubts we may (not) have had about Mimi and Tanaka’s relationship are officially eliminated, and now we can officially bask in the glory of this beautiful coupling! If anyone deserves a man who loves and cherishes her, it’s Mariah Carey. After a dramatic fallout with ex-fiancé James Packer which played out on Mariah’s World, this feels like a much-needed win for both Mariah Carey and love in general!

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We still believe, too. Thanks to Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka! Hopefully there will be no more burning of wedding gowns (but if you ever need to do it again, Mimi, we are 100% here for you).