Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 11:07 am
Credit: Instagram/Margot Robbie

It’s a universal truth that dogs make everything better, especially sweet puppies who stare lovingly into our eyes.

And we just heard that Margot Robbie adopted a super adorable rescue puppy with her husband Tom Ackerley!

The two lovebirds tied the knot a few months ago, so it’s fitting that they got an animal friend to expand their family. The little rescue pup’s name is Boo Radley (same name as Jake Gyllenhaal’s dog fyi!), and Robbie posted a photo of Boo taking up a tiny amount of space on a huge bean bag chair. This little guy is definitely gonna be spoiled rotten (and we’re entirely okay with that)!

OMG it’s almost too cute to handle. Those darling eyes! That teensy body! We just wanna pick him up and SQUEEEEZE! Okay, we’re calming down.

via giphyWe love how Robbie is so loving toward animals, and not just her own. A few weeks ago she was snapped cradling a baby hedgehog in Tokyo (at a hedgehog cafe, because they exist!), and the expression on her face makes us melt. Pure joy.

Then there was the time she tried to steal one of the live props from a Vanity Fair shoot (FYI…we would do the same thing!). Again, a picture of blissful happiness.

Little Boo is in great hands with Robbie as a parent, and we know they’re going to be very happy together.

Now ummmm…more photos of Boo are required. Please and thank you muchly!