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Mandy Moore has spoken about her 2015 divorce before, but with time comes additional perspective. The singer and actress (#throwback to sobbing while watching A Walk to Remember as a teen) obviously didn’t expect to split up with husband Ryan Adams after six years of marriage, but we really admire the outlook she shared with People.


She even acknowledges that her marriage wasn’t all bad! When a relationship goes wrong, it’s so easy to make the other person the villain, even when they’re not.

We think it shows a lot of maturity and self-awareness that Moore is able to speak on the good times, too.

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Major life changes can be hard — and we can’t imagine how difficult it would be to feel like you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and have it not work out. But we really respect Mandy Moore’s commitment to staying true to herself, and making sure that she’s living her best life.

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