Family dynamics are nothing if not complicated. And Mandy Moore recently opened up about her family and how she feels about the fact that her mother left her father for another woman almost a decade ago. As if making us cry every week on her TV show This Is Us weren’t enough, Moore’s about to do it again with her story of unconditional love and support.

While speaking with, the actress talked about her upbringing, saying her family is “extraordinarily close.” Moore has two openly gay brothers, and when her parents split up, her mother started dating women. Moore says her non-traditional family is something she celebrates every day.

She also said she has nothing but love for her mom, and she’s happy for her.

And when it comes to intolerance, she has no issue standing up for the people she loves.

This isn’t the first time Moore has opened up about her family. In an interview with Byrdie last year, the actress said that her family is “the least traditional.”

She also shared that getting married to now-ex-husband Ryan Adams at 24 was her attempt at creating her “own kind of normalcy.” But that didn’t go quite as planned, and she “learned that that wasn’t going to be the fruitful experience I wanted it to be.” Things have changed quite a bit for Moore since then: She’s now happily engaged to musician Taylor Goldsmith, and from the sound of it, her family couldn’t be closer.

Now if you’ll excuse us while we go hug everyone we love.