Karen Belz
September 01, 2017 4:16 am

Ouch. This Is Us actress (and ’90s pop sensation) Mandy Moore is suffering from a black eye after a very unfortunate yet oddly relatable accident at home. Moore posted her injury to Instagram, and support flooded in.

According to Moore, she had a run-in with her shower door handle. The incident occurred late last night, and while the timing was unfortunate, she had Dr. David Stoker stop by to help stitch her up. Still, she asked her 1.4 million Instagram followers if they had any advice to help her bruise heal a little quicker.

Since she’s in the midst of filming the much-anticipated second season of This Is Us, she probably wants to avoid any filming delays.

Painful injury aside, she still looks gorgeous. And we have to admire the fact that she handled the incident like a pro. As expected, her followers gave her some interesting advice, from pickle juice to toothpaste. While these remedies might be old wives tales, hey — you just never know what might help.

It’s a shock to see Moore’s very real post and not think it’s makeup from the This Is Us set since the actress has been super incredible with posting behind-the-scenes footage and photos while filming.

No matter what, we hope that Moore gets the opportunity for a quick and easy recovery. If not, who knows? Maybe they can turn her real-life injury into a storyline.