Credit: Madonna/

Yesterday we posted about the hilarious Rock the Vote PSA featuring Katy Perry trying to vote naked, and today we discovered that Madonna posted a naked (well, half-naked, with a lot of gold necklaces) Instagram pic in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Hmmmmm. That makes it sound like there are going to be more nude voting pics. Will this become a full-on celebrity trend? If it did, we wouldn’t be mad about it.

And of course, this nude snap from Madonna came right after she photoshopped Hillary into a photo of her performing at the 2015 Brit Awards.

LOL! Like LOL times infinity.

It’s crucial that we all cast our vote in the upcoming election (if you haven’t registered, here’s how you do it!) and we’re glad that stars like Madonna are encouraging others to make their voices heard.

If you’re interested in the election, why not take a second to fill out this survey? People magazine put it together to see who Time Inc readers are voting for and why.

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