Credit: Jun Sato/Getty Images

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, our favorite lady Madonna opened up about dating younger men and how, despite the fact that it makes others “uncomfortable,” she’s going to keep doing her thing without shame.

After all, Madonna is known for calling out sexism and ageism, and she’s never been into being silent about important issues like misogyny. Her most recent statement really made us think about the ways that older women continue to be shamed for basically existing, because ~how dare~ older women be desired.

In the interview, Madonna opened up about dating younger men, saying she gets frustrated with how people react to her less traditional life.

Madonna explained,

She expanded on her statement, saying,

We definitely get why Madonna would be drained by people judging her relationships and how she lives her life. But we’re also super proud that she’s opening up about this, and that she’s encouraging other women to own their age and their sexuality.

So often it just takes one trailblazer to help others feel empowered enough to live their lives on their terms, and we genuinely believe that Madonna’s openness and honesty will help empower so many other women.