Angelica Florio
December 05, 2016 4:38 am
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Just when we think Madonna is done shocking us, she pulls another stunt. On Friday night at Art Basel in Miami, Madonna brought her ex-husband Sean Penn to the stage and told him she still loved him. Oh yeah, and there were handcuffs involved.

Madonna and Penn had an on-again-off-again marriage in the ’80s, and on Friday at her event billed as “An Evening of Art, Mischief and Music,” in front of a whole room of A-list celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna told Penn she would marry him again… if he donated $150,000 to her charity.

Bethenny Frankel was as at the event for Madonna’s charity, Raisin Malawi, and she Snapchatted the whole thing (that girl’s always got our backs):

As Penn crawled through Madonna’s legs to the wedding march song, and she asked, “Remind you of anything?” And then he handcuffed her because… Well, he’s Sean Penn and she’s Madonna.

Even if they’re not actually going re-marry (we totally wish they would though), the event still brought some good since Madonna raised over $7.5 million for her non-profit organization that will open Malawi’s first pediatric surgery and ICU in 2017.

Art Basel attendees reached deep into their pockets to bid on high-priced items, which actually included some memorabilia from Penn and Madonna’s union. According to People, photos from their wedding taken by the late Herb Ritts sold for $230,000.

The whole event wasn’t just a Madonna-Sean Penn love-fest though, Madonna also auctioned off some tour costumes including one from her Rebel Hearts tour that Ariana Grande modeled.

And yes, Madonna and Ariana twerked it out together:

It sounds like it truly was a night of ‘art, mischief, and music’— is there any other kind for Madonna?