Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

Actress Lupita Nyong’o is pretty much the best. Not only is she talented onscreen, she’s an outspoken advocate for increasing diversity and gender equality in Hollywood off-screen. On top of that she’s got killer style, and is a great role model for girls the world over. Just when it seemed like we had gotten through her list of accomplishments, there is more. She can really dance.

And Nyong’o has an awesome dance routine up on Instagram to prove it!

Seriously, is there anything that she can’t do? We don’t think there is. This video of her dancing with hairstylist friend Vernon Francois is pretty much the most adorable friend goals we’ve seen in a while. Honestly though? The best part of the routine is her beautiful smile. She looks like she’s having so much fun!

Lupita already has a friendship movie in the works with Rihanna, but we can make room for this one too, right?

We would seriously watch this for hours. Or anything Lupita is in really. The more screen time she gets the better! We will never get tired of seeing this amazing lady kicking butt in all areas of her life. Because of this, we think we need a Lupita Nyong’o starring dance movie now. So if you’re a Hollywood director with some time on your hands, get on this!

We are ready and willing to see the Lupita Nyong’o dance movie.

So thank you for posting, Lupita. It was awesome to see this adorable window into your life. We are all going to try to go into the rest of our day with as much fun and joy as this Instagram video!