Life is a giant party when you’re a Hemsworth and that was definitely the case for Luke Hemsworth’s ’80s birthday bash over the weekend.

The Westworld actor celebrated his 36th birthday by kicking it old school and paying tribute to the ’80s alongside friends and family in California. Clearly, Hemsworth didn’t get the memo that Halloween was over, and we’re so happy he didn’t. The costume party is was party dreams are made of.

There were a lot of over-the-top costumes at the big bash, especially from Hemsworth and his family. The birthday boy posed alongside his little brother, Liam Hemsworth as the cartoon hero, He-Man, while Liam rocked bright colors, short shorts, and long ’80s inspired locks and we’re obsessed.

The party was all about the ’80s era, which is when Hemsworth was born, and everyone got into the party vibe with their killer wardrobes.

While Luke’s other famous brother, Chris Hemsworth was not there, the rest of his family and friends definitley made up for it at the rocking party by really getting into the theme and clearly having a blast while doing so.

Hemsworth’s wife, Samantha, made sure the party was ’80s from start to finish and we’re kind of wishing she could plan our next birthday bash.

Rock on, Luke, rock on!