Toria Sheffield
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 4:39 pm

Many out there may have heard that Luce Hale recently had her phone hacked. Private photos of the Pretty Little Liars actress were then posted online for the whole world to see. But Lucy Hale just responded to the hack via Twitter, and her words were incredibly empowering.

For those of you who missed this particularly egregious incident, topless photos of Hale meant for a friend were hacked from her phone and posted on a website (which we will not even dignify by naming). The photos were eventually taken down after threats of legal action, but suffice it to say, the damage had already been done.

HOWEVER, Hale just addressed the situation with the following message that she posted to Twitter:

And of course, Hale went on to tell the hackers, “kiss my ass.”


We were so incredibly saddened (and mad, and OUTRAGED) to hear that yet another woman’s privacy had been violated and that we live in a world where this even happens. Where someone thinks it’s okay to do and where others think it’s okay to view.

But we are SO GLAD to see this message of strength from Hale, and that she’s moving on stronger than ever after this terrible experience. Lucy, please know that we love and support you, and we’re behind you 100% on this.

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