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One Pretty Little Liars star lived our dream this week: Lucy Hale got to cuddle with a freaking BABY BEAR. Yes, like a teddy bear, BUT ALIVE. As if that weren’t enough, her hair and makeup were totally on point and her dress was straight-up fire. So she basically lived our super-dream: dressing to the nines and hanging with the real-life version of a stuffed animal. Goals, man. This situation is why the word “goals” was invented.

So why was Lucy Hale snuggling with a baby bear in a slamming dress?

The actress was a guest on The Tonight Show this week. Here she is rocking that precision bob and talking about how she cried when she met Justin Timberlake:

Also, let’s take a closer look at that dress!

And guess who else was on Jimmy Fallon that night? None other than the Crocodile Hunter’s son Robert Irwin. Like his sister Bindi, 13-year-old Robert is following in his late father Steve Irwin’s footsteps, sharing his love of wildlife with us more indoorsy-types.

Robert brought some pretty awesome critters on the show, including two baby bears. Jimmy Fallon fed baby bear Orville some grapes (JEALOUS!). Meanwhile, baby bear Flo tried to snack on Fallon’s fingers (ALSO JEALOUS!).

Credit: NBC

And, you know, because Lucy Hale was hanging backstage, she also got to hang with one of the cuties.

No word re: whether or not the little black bear snacked on Hale’s fingers. Whatever, we’re jealous either way. This is seriously the snuggle of our dreams!