Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images
Scarlet Meyer
August 21, 2016 9:09 am

Kate Upton is seriously the best. Not only is she a talented model and actress, but she is an incredibly outspoken body positive role model for women as well.

And she embodies everything we love about her in this delightful video she posted recently to Instagram.

She looks totally buff in her workout gear and starts with playful joke to her offscreen trainer, Ben Bruno. She jokes about her hand size and how they make it hard for her to grip big weights, then shows a super helpful way to make it easier to hold the large weights in case you run in to issues.

In a totally genius move, she uses the help of a strap to make gripping heavy weights easier.

Even her adorable dog Harley gets a little screen time as they describe this helpful way of getting even more out of your workout. Her trainer even posted a follow up video featuring how the helpful workout hack helped Kate as she dug in deep to her workout.

It’s so cool to see that Kate Upton can both have fun and goof around while also being able to totally turn on her inner warrior when needed.

Seeing all this is totally making us want to go out and lift some weights ourselves.

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