Even though they’re no longer bandmates, we love the fact that Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams is still close with Beyoncé. In fact, it seems like Bey’s mom Tina kind of views both Williams and fellow past bandmate Kelly Rowland as her own. So, that’s why these words are even more special.

As you know, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. After unleashing this information back in February, fans became (even more) obsessed with all things Bey. And even though we kind of feel like we’re there for the two newest members of the Carter family, we obviously don’t know about the pregnancy like her family and friends do.

For Williams, she’s totally in love with the fact that her girl is still keeping it stylish, despite her growing baby bump.

She definitely has a point.

No matter what, Beyoncé shows up to these events looking confident and radiant in her own skin. It might be why people were still holding up hope that she’d perform at Coachella this year. (But these days, we’re kind of glad she didn’t — rest and relaxation are so important right now.)

Of course, Williams credited Bey’s wise mother in teaching her that even while pregnant, you can still rock your best looks and feel like the best version of yourself.

So, hear that? Even if you’re battling the worst pregnancy symptoms, you don’t have to give up your self-confidence. While you’re a mom, and giving your all to your child (or children!) you can always find a way to keep your spirits up and your levels of fierceness high.