Brittany Boyd
September 17, 2016 12:11 pm
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is using one of Instagram’s newest features to his advantage and banning the usage of the word “Larry” from his page. To those who may be unaware, some members of the One Direction fandom speculate that there is a “secret relationship” between Tomlinson and bandmate Harry Styles. Speculators pick apart every photo in detail and look for anything that could be a clue that the two are romantically involved.

The two have denied that there’s any truth to the “ship,” and have spoken out against the shippers themselves. When asked about the degree of research fans put into proving the theory, Tomlinson said, “I wouldn’t say it was impressive. I’d say it was f***ing annoying.”

He’s also expressed his disapproval on Twitter, calling the pairing “bulls**t.”

To further combat the rumor that the two are anything more than friends, Tomlinson has enabled a new Instagram feature that allows users to block words that they find inappropriate or offensive. That’s right: no more “Larry” comments allowed.

However, much to his dismay, fans have found a way around the block. See below.


And, what’s even more annoying is the creation of a new name for the duo: Houis.


Thankfully, some One Direction fans aren’t internet trolls and have called out fans who are spamming Louis’ accounts. Way to go, guys!