Minus the drinks with full BBQ ribs sticking out them.

Olivia Harvey
Jul 22, 2021 @ 10:51 am
Credit: NBC

If you were to ask us, "Hey, what's one of your dream scenarios?" we'd say, without any hesitation, "Sitting at a bougie bar sipping on a martini with our Lorde and savior." And that's exactly what Late Night host Seth Meyers got to do. Lorde joined Meyers for a day of drinking and carrying on and we're feeling about as salty as one of those cocktail ribs about not getting an invite.

The day drinking adventure started off with toasting with Foster's beer (an Australian beer, mind you—Lorde is from New Zealand), followed by Meyers crafting some truly heinous cocktails inspired by Lorde songs, including a drink based on the first single off her upcoming album called "Solar Power" that contained coffee, Red Bull, and whole espresso beans. It was during this part of the segment where the ribs come into play, BTW.

Meyers and Lorde also established a drinking game: If Meyers could remember Lorde's full given name when asked (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor), he wouldn't have to take a shot.

However, if he didn't remember it...well, let's just say that this game is most likely responsible for Meyers' behavior toward the end of the below video.

Lorde just dropped her latest single off her upcoming album, also titled Solar Power, called "Stoned at the Nail Salon" hours before the day drinking segment aired on Late Night yesterday, July 21st. The single is dreamy, introspective, and also describes a dream scenario in which we'd like to co-star with Lorde.

Here's to hoping Lorde makes a full recovery from her Meyers-induced hangover.